One day, I had a chance to eat Ramen in the mountainous Hida Takayama region of Gifu Prefecture in Japan. The  flavor of the Ramen brought back fond memories of how Ramen tasted in my youth. It was then and there I decided I wanted to eat this kind of Ramen in Canada.

In Hida, there is a noodle making company named “Oidaya” that has making noodles for over 100 years, since 1901. The company is now led by the 9th descendent of the founder its products are well received at boutique food shops located inside major Department stores in Japan. I became an apprentice to learn the art of noodle making there and brought it over to Canada.

For the  flour used to make our noodles; our company is the only company in Canada to have sourced the highest No.1 Grade Flour specifically developed for making Japanese Ramen noodles.  After making many fine adjustments to the noodles at our in-house noodle making facility; we have developed a thin but firm “perm-style” noodle that is easy on the palate and is in perfect harmony with our soup.

Our soup was created though much experimentation; does not use any synthetic seasoning agent, such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), nor artificial sweeteners. We have relentlessly devoted ourselves to fully extract the hidden deep flavors from all of our natural ingredients and have continued to challenge ourselves with developing new flavors.

In our desire to see happy faces on our customers, we have enhanced “value” of our Ramen; by including soft and delicious Premium Cha-shu (Braised Pork Slices), made from high quality Barley-fed Pork Loin that is hand-picked specifically for taste and quality.

All of  our staff look forward to serving you soon!

ある日、飛騨 高山で食べたラーメンが、昔懐かしい味で美味しかった。それを、カナダで売りたいと考えました。





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