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Being a ramen lover who lived in Japan for 11 years I can tell you this place is the real deal. Hida Takayama style ramen from Fukushima prefecture is the type of ramen served here but the owner certainly has his own soups.

He currently has a kotteri soup-base and a sappari soup-base. The kotteri base makes a heavier richer soup with depth while the sappari base creates a lighter more refreshing soup. Once you have decided which kind of soup-base you want then you can choose the basic miso, shio or shoyuu as well as tantan (spicy miso). The owner will create a half-and-half version if you like. He used to run Niku-ya Meats in Richmond so he knows his way around chashuu. He alternates between a round cut chashu and a longer square cut chashu. It does look run down but so do most of the ramen shops in Japan. It kind of comes with the territory.

He often has some kind of experimental ramen cooking so you might ask if he has one on the go. These are never posted on the menu and unless you know to ask you will likely miss out.

This place is more popular with the local ex-pat Japanese population than the Vancouverites but that could change if word gets out.

By the way. There is no claim in the shop that the noodles are imported. They are made locally and the owner will tell you that if you ask. Personally they seem perfectly good to me.

The place is great if you have kids. There is plenty of space for them to run around and when the sun is out you can sit outside on the hidden veranda.

Thank you for this customer.Gradually became busy with thank you.
I’m glad to hear our customers said it is delicious.
I will do my best to make the ramens more tasty.

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Robson Public Market 2nd Floor
203-1610 Robson St Vancouver B.C Canada.
Shop hour
●from Sunday to Thursday
 --> 11.00am〜8.00pm
 --> 11.00am〜8.45pm

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