New Menu at Sep 1st 2011

Everyone、long time no see you.

When failing to update the post to me here, please consider that the research has been devoted to something new and challenging. @< Well, this new two types of noodles, we have developed. Officially sell from September 1.2011 Once the variety has a choice of 20 different products. The newly developed products, First, Spicy ground pork noodles. Persuade modestly spicy.Call Tan tan men. Another one is vegetables noodles. Calls Tan men These four types of taste (soy sauce, salt, miso, sesame) You taste it in there. We also mix for Tan tan men and tan men in one bowl. It is spicy ground pork noodles (Tan tan men)very tasty. Please enjoy.

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Robson Public Market 2nd Floor
203-1610 Robson St Vancouver B.C Canada.
Shop hour
●from Sunday to Thursday
 --> 11.00am〜8.00pm
 --> 11.00am〜8.45pm

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