Dear Valued customers.

I have kept you waiting for a long time.
Hida Takayama Ramen Robson store reopens on February 1st 2018.




Hida Ramen provides rich collagen soup, 33% more noodles, lots of meat and no MSG!

715g of ingredients are gently simmered over 3 days to make one bowl of Hida Ramen’s broth. This is the secret behind how we can make our deep flavored collagen soup without using any MSG. All of our noodles are made in-house. We use only the highest grade flour specifically formulated to make only Japanese Ramen noodles. Taste, texture and firmness of the noodles are incomparable! On top it all, we add so much ‘Chashu’ (stewed pork), you almost can’t see the noodles. Enjoy!



We have a great location, but not easily visible. However, we have FREE underground parking. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our self-serve food court location. But in return, we hope to make it up to you with our high quality, good portion size and great value-pricing.

Even if customers are lined up, you don’t have to worry about getting wet or standing outsida in the cold. We also have an outside patio. On a sunny day, you can have your Ramen outside.

Probably, we are the only company in Canada making noodles in house; using Premium No.1 Greade Flour specifically created for making Japanese Ramen noodles. That’s how particular we are and how much we want everyone to have a delicious meal!

Great noodles! Great Cha-shu! Authentic soup! That’s why we’re NO MSG!




だから、麺も絶品、チャーシューも絶品、スープも本物。だから、NO MSG なのです。

Shop Info

Robson Public Market 2nd Floor
203-1610 Robson St Vancouver B.C Canada.
Shop hour
●from Sunday to Thursday
 --> 11.00am〜8.00pm
 --> 11.00am〜8.45pm

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